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Located on the border of California and Nevada, (just 40 miles south of the Las Vegas Strip) Primm Valley Resorts offers a unique experience to each one of our guests at our three different casinos and hotels. Whiskey Pete's Hotel & Casino,Buffalo Bill's Resort & CasinoandPrimm Valley Resort & Casinowelcome travelers with a fun, casual experience that's always a great value.

At Primm Valley Resorts,our team members are the most important asset, fulfilling our mission to their highest potential.We are dedicated to providing a superior experience for the gambler that values a welcoming environment with a focus on Great Slots, Satisfying Food, and the Utmost Fun.

The success of our company relies on this culture, starting with hiring great team members. We offer an array of career opportunities, from jobs in Food and Beverage to Hotel & Casino Operations. All team members receive both job-related and customer service training.

If you're looking for an exciting and dynamic work environment, then Primm Valley Resorts has an open position for you on our team!

Current Casino, Hotel and Food & Beverage Job Openings in Primm, NV (Near Las Vegas)

Assistant Hotel Manager - Primm NV / Hotel Front Desk/Office
Barback - Primm NV / Beverage Service
Housekeeping Guest Room Attendant - Primm NV / Housekeeping
Subway Sandwich Artist - Primm NV / Food Service
Amusement Ride Associate - Primm NV / Property Operations
Cage Cashier - Primm NV / Casino Cage
Maintenance Engineer - Amusement Rides - Primm NV / Maintenance & Engineering
Housekeeping Supervisor - Primm NV / Housekeeping
Director of Retail Operations - Primm NV / Retail
Valet And Bell Service - Primm NV / Hotel Front Services - Valet/Bell
Lifeguard - Primm NV / Hotel Operations
Kitchen Worker - Primm NV / Culinary Stewarding and Kitchen Cleaning
Convention Porter - Primm NV / Food Service
Pantry Person - Primm NV / Culinary Stewarding and Kitchen Cleaning
Qdoba Crew Member - Primm NV / Food Service
Pizza Shop Attendant - Primm NV / Food Service
Busperson-Primm NV / Food Service
Lead Barista - Primm NV / Food Service
Barista - Primm, NV / Food Service
Cook - Primm NV / Food Service
Food Expeditor - Primm NV / Food Service
Food & Beverage Assistant Manager - Primm NV / Food Service
Kitchen Runner - Primm NV / Culinary Stewarding and Kitchen Cleaning
Sous Chef - Primm NV / Culinary Cooks and Bakers
Hotel Front Desk Trainer - PRIMM, NV / Hotel Front Desk/Office
Travel Center Manager - Primm NV / Retail
Table Games Dealer School - Primm NV / Table Games
Vice President of Food and Beverage - Primm NV / Food Service
Spa Attendant - Primm NV / Hotel Operations
Surveillance Agent - Primm NV / Surveillance
Lottery Store Shift Supervisor - Primm Valley Lotto Store / Lottery Store
Hotel Front Services Supervisor / Hotel Front Desk/Office
Chief Engineer - PRIMM, NV / Maintenance & Engineering
Hotel Front Desk Agent - PRIMM, NV / Hotel Front Desk/Office
Front Desk Supervisor - PRIMM, NV / Hotel Front Desk/Office
Aesthetician - Primm NV / Hotel Operations
Gas Station Cashier - Primm NV / Retail
Security Officer - Primm NV / Security
Food Server - Primm NV / Food Service
Marketing Coordinator - Primm NV / Marketing
PBX Operator - Primm NV / PBX
Nail Technician - Primm NV / Hotel Operations
Lifeguard Supervisor - Primm NV / Hotel Operations
Hotel Front Desk Agent - Primm NV / Hotel Front Desk/Office
Massage Therapist - Primm NV / Hotel Operations
Gas Station Shift Supervisor - Primm NV / Retail
Financial Analyst - Primm NV / Accounting and Finance
Cage Supervisor - Primm NV / Casino Cage
Cage Shift Manager - Primm NV / Casino Cage
Bartender - Primm NV / Beverage Service

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